Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Love Potion - 1

Note: This is not exactly a story, just a few random scenes put together...
Preeti was almost in tears then; she was talking to her best friend Tarini over phone.

"Are you mad...?"

"No...Not exactly"

"Don't play Taru, just listen! I guess you are not in your right minds now, why did you take such a hasty decision now? You are still young, you can very well wait for a better guy, infact you will get the best guy on earth, don’t end up settling down with a ... hell yaar! I just can’t imagine only!!! Please don’t play with your own life Taru"

"No Preety, I’ve taken my decision and already conveyed it to my parents and things are gonna start now"

"So what? Just get back to them and tell them that you are not all that ok with the whole thing, nothing has started yet...ok? This is high time you voice your actual opinion"

"No Preety! Something tells me that I am going to lead to an equally happy life like now even after the wedding"

"Oh God! Taru...this is your life! I just can’t imagine such things happening to my best friend di" Preety just bursted out very hard.

"Cool down Preety, I’ve already thought over this so many times, this is not a hasty decision by any chance...my parents are very much confident on his family background and his character and I am confident on my parents..."

"Bull shit! Character, bloody! Don’t you know about him already? Don’t you know that he is one totally rotten human? Above all how can you ever digest his rubbish attitude towards girls?"

"No Preety, those were just our perceptions about him..."

"Just stop, those were not just perceptions, its solid truth and everybody knows that, if you have got amnesia by any chance, then let me remind you about him. he is one goddamn boozer who cant pass even a single day without boozing, he is one nasty bloke with too much of attitude who never even bothers to attend classes or respect girls or even staff, I just cant imagine my sweet friend with such a damn fellow"

"I am sorry Preety, I’ve already taken my decision and am just informing you now, I am not seeking any advice from you"

"Then go to hell!!! I'll tell you one final thing, you are digging your own pit! That’s all" and she slammed the phone down.

Just like tears rolled down her cheeks, her memories too rolled back to their college life.

Preety and Tarini were small town girls who jelled on very well just on the first day of their college.Almost the whole class was friends to these warm and cheerful girls.

There was one gang of dudes in their own class, whom all the girls considered really disgusting. They were the guys who lived their life king size all the time, never bothered to attend classes or pass the exams, all that was interesting to them was boozing and roaming around.

This guy called Arun was considered to be the most trouble some of the whole lot, all the girls somehow had a deep hatred towards him or rather a sense of fear.

And for Arun, life was nothing but enjoyment in a meaningless way, he also knew the kind of opinion his own classmates had about him, but he never really bothered about the whole thing, obviously it was no big deal to him.

And now, she can’t really digest that her dearest friend is gonna marry that rotten Arun. Now that it’s actually happening, she had no option but to pray that her friend’s hopes should not be shattered.

And the wedding was finally coming nearer, most of Tarini and Arun's friends were present in the wedding reception the evening before their wedding.
All of them couldn't help comparing the striking difference between the two.

Tarini, the sweet angel everyone likes, a regular student really attentive in classes, who had never even done a single mischief in whole of her life, totally loyal to her parents with a fair, beautiful, radiant and smiling face.

And Arun, the demon in the view of all Tarini's friends and even in the view of Tarini during college days, who has never attended all classes in a row, a silly bloke who goes to any extent of cheating his parents just to booze and roam around with a dark complexioned and tough face.

Tarini felt a lump in her stomach, tomorrow is THE DAY, her whole life is gonna change. Till now life has been really good, she has got the best of everything, caring parents, sweet little brother, affectionate friends, a rocking career and what not. But now, the success or failure of the rest of her whole life just lies in his bare hands. As an excited bride she could do nothing but to spend a sleepless night just waiting for a new dawn.

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