Friday, June 13, 2008

Love Potion - 4

Tarini started replying, "No, my parents’ wish is not the only reason for which I agreed to marry him, but did take me some time to come out of the inhibitions I had about his character"

"Then how did you come out of that?"

"I could see that he was really truthful when I spoke to him for the first time, so I just gave a lil thought after that, after all, all the teenage perceptions we had need not be always true...As time floats, we mature and grow in our way of thinking, in our way of judging people and everything...The way I saw life at that age is completely different from the way I see it now, so I was sure Arun also would've had that same difference in him."

"But Tarini, I am sure some of your friends would've tried to threaten you"

"Yeah true, to all my friends it looked like, I was risking my own life. Anyways, I thought, I would rather take a cognizant risky path instead of getting lost in some unknown, uncertain wonderland. And now I see wonderland in the very same known path which I took!"

Arun who was really moved by his wife's answer was beaming with all smiles in his face.

"Ok Arun, it’s your turn now" This time everyone was so eager to fire questions on Arun.

"Hey Arun, now you tell! How’s the married life going on for you?

"Hmm...Not going on well..."

"What?" Everyone stared at him with raised eyebrows.

"Yeah, it’s not going on well actually, its going very very well. It’s just rocking"

Tarini stared at him with a fake anger on her face. Again the questions followed.

"Hey Arun, we see a totally new person packed up in your physique, what’s going on man? What did Tarini do to you?"

Both Arun and Tarini started giggling, Arun said, "Is it? I don't find any such big difference..."

Arun's friend who gave bachelor's party that day blasted out, "Then why did you run off from the bachelor's party that night? You didn't even bother to join us in the party"

"Hey no daa, actually..."

"There is no need for any explanations...Tarini! What did you do to him? Hope you are not running some military regime at home..."

"What? Me??? I have absolutely no role in this, even I have asked him so many times about why he quit drinking after marriage, but he has never given any proper answer for that till now"

"What is it Arun? As far as we know, you don’t like anybody forcing you to do things, then how come such a leap change all of a sudden?"

"Yeah that's true, I don't like anybody forcing me to do things, actually the truth is I've not stopped boozing, I am consuming something else instead of alcohol daily" Arun said with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Something else, what's that?"

"Yeah, Tarini started giving it to me after I got to know her. You know…it’s even worse than alcohol"

This time Tarini was really perplexed, she asked him, "What's that I am giving you even without my knowledge?"

"It’s the love potion which I have each and every moment I spend with you or even when I think of you"

Everyone were really amused now, there were many murmurs like "The love potion!!! What's that?"

"Yeah...She didn't actually demand anything out of me even after the wedding, never even once she complained about my lavish lifestyle, my irregular routines, or my passion for partying or boozing or anything else. May be...Had she done it, I wouldn't have changed so much...All she did was to shower her unconditional love on me...As I started losing myself in that intangible love of hers, I could figure out what she likes and what she hates, there was no need for any words or arguments...So, I made myself a deserved candidate for the love potion, which turned out to be the elixir of my life."

“Hmm, really big funda, that too to hear from you daa,!!! All the best for a great future, you too Tarini!”

Tarini said, “Hey thanks so much yaar, life is just really great now”

But Arun had a different answer, “Hmm…I would say life is just next to great now”

Tarini now started staring at him, “Why is it next to great, haan?”

With full of smiles and sparkle in his eyes Arun said, “It’ll be completely great in a short while”

“Hey congrats, so you are expecting…that’s really great news, So Arun, you are waiting for a cute little daughter like Tarini?”

“No way, I can’t have a daughter; I am praying it should be a boy” Arun’s answer was very firm.

Everybody started giggling, “Hey Arun! Just now you said, you like her a lot and all that…But you don’t want a daughter like her?”

“I know how many people were ogling at Taru in college. Even I’ve done it…But I don’t want any goddamn fella to ogle at my daughter, that too, we don’t know how its gonna be in the next generation, really difficult to keep a watch on all those things…So it’s better if it’s a boy”

“Hey Arun! What if your daughter gets your looks?”
Everybody around started laughing really hard. With that merry mood, the get-together came to an end.

Preety was almost in tears then, but this time it was tears of joy.

********************* We'll end with this happy note **********************


Unknown said...

awesome divya...nice story...


Divyapriya said...

thanks maamaa, keep commenting ;)

Anonymous said...

Well... Its been an year time now... i see a ocean of changes in your writing... I am glad for you... Keep rolling...

Ramya Ramani said...

hey first time here good one!understanding each other is the backbone of any relationship great :)

Divyapriya said...

Thanks a lot ramya...

Unknown said...

superb simple words and nice way of summing up the scnes

Vijay said...

Got some time to read everything in single go today.
Really awesome!!!

\\"Yeah...She didn't actually demand anything out of me even after the wedding,\\

If at all any girl is like this, Sun would rise in west :)
In reality, as long as they are girls, they don't complain. The moment they take the avatar of a wife, then ......

But the way you have moved the story is just amazing. I have tried so many times to write a story (if not a series like you). But I had always deleted them, once I give a run through it.

I could see half of myself in Arun.

பீட்டர் பதிவுகளுக்கெல்லாம் இங்கிலிபீச்சுல தானே பின்னூட்டம் போடணும் :)

Divyapriya said...

நியாபகம் வச்சு படிச்சதுக்கு ரொம்ப நன்றி விஜய்...

Anonymous said...

Really good..Real storyah?Bad thing changed good one...!Ellamey pesuna kandippa solveayudum...


Divyapriya said...

Gowtham said
//Really good..Real storyah?Bad thing changed good one...!Ellamey pesuna kandippa solveayudum...//

Thanks gowtham…real story எல்லாம் இல்ல ;)

vinodpragadeesh said...

peopls always afraid to accept truth . but life is always filled with truths and only truths even if you belives somethings are lie its all life.lie also only truths in life thats why we calling its as life this is superb story he one in my dream to make it realty i will i will do. this is reallly great work divya. i rally become a great fan of yours. my best wishes to you. and for your dreams

FunScribbler said...

தமிழில் தான் சூப்பரா எழுதுவீங்கன்னு பார்த்தா... ஆங்கிலத்திலும் ஒரு சூப்பரான கதை! இப்படி அசத்தலா எழுதினா, சின்ன புள்ளைங்க நாங்கலாம் என்ன தான் கதை எழுதுவது? ஹிஹி...:)

haha.. keep writing!! eagerly waiting for ur next story...

msr said...

First time here.
Good one!
I thought the discriminate and illiberal comment from Arun in the end was unwarranted. Left a bad taste when everything that went before was sweet. Just my thoughts.

Unknown said...

First of all, it's nice story, and nicely written...!!sweet disclosure of suspense at fisherman restaurant was really nice! but I want to ask one thing is change in a boy's character is inevitable after marriage? then what will happen to a boy who is good before marriage:)

Divyapriya said...


thanks for ur comments.
change is inevitable for both guys n girls even if they dont get married at all :) change is only thing that doesn't change...

//then what will happen to a boy who is good before marriage:)

may be he'll turn evil...haa haa :)