Thursday, June 12, 2008

Love Potion - 3

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"Taru...I want to tell you something really important, I want to meet you right now"

"What’s it Arun? What happened? I m in one end of the city and you are in the other end, what’s so urgent?"

"No Taru, I can’t tell this to you over phone, it’s extremely important, I want to meet you, I m on my way"

"What? You have already started? Are you coming over to my office then?"

"No Tarumaa! That will take 1 hr, I can’t wait for so long, can you just come to this fisher man's restaurant? We’ll finish the dinner there and go home"

"Its only 6 and you are talking about dinner?"

"Oh dear, just come over naa? We’ll decide there, start as soon as you can"

"Ok fine, but Arun! tell me one thing, I m really worried…What is that extremely urgent thing which you can’t talk to me over phone?"

"Don’t worry Tarumaa, its very important thing of our life, that’s all, nothing more than that"

"Hey, but at least tell me whether it’s good thing or bad thing which you are gonna tell"

"Its both good and bad daa, I’ll come in person and tell you ok? Don’t worry"

Taru just could not drive, she was really tensed up about what’s that thing which Arun is gonna tell her, just 6 months after they were married and it was Arun's trend to do some stunts like this, but she could not even give a wild guess about what it could be.

She preferred taxi over driving herself in that tensed up mood and finally reached the fisher men's after about 40 minutes.

She could see Arun waiting for her over there.

"What’s the matter Arun? You made me really tensed, tell me what it is?"

"Cool down Taru, why don't we just get inside and talk?"

Fisher men's was known for its elegant and ambient atmosphere, light of the candles gave a special glow to Tarini's face, and Arun was never bored of admiring his wife's beauty even after 6 months of their wedding.

"Now, tell me Arun, what’s it you wanted to tell?" they just sat in one silent corner place, there were only a couple of people other than them.

"You know Taru! I just wanted to tell you, 'I Love you'", he was really blushing as if he s telling this to her for the first time.

"What???" Her eyelids were widely open and she started gesturing as if she is searching for something.

"What are you searching Tarumaa?"

"Hmm, Just some rod or a stick to hit you! You idiot!!! You made me so tensed, you know how much tensed I was that I couldn’t even drive and came by taxi?"

", I just wanted to tell you this immediately and I did not want to miss the chance of seeing your reaction when I tell", he had the same mischievous smile on his face.

"Idiot!!! And what’s that bad thing which you told, haan???"

"The bad thing was I had to wait for 40 goddamn minutes to tell my wife that I love her!!!"

This time Taru did not search for anything, she started punching him hard with her hands but with full of smile and pride in her face.

Hello Motto….

“Hey, wait! Wait! The phone’s ringing” Arun was relieved that the phone started ringing.

Arun spoke to someone with full of excitement.

“Who’s that Arun?” Tarini was also very anxious to know what made Arun so happy.

“Its our Vineeth only, seems he and a few friends have arranged for our class get-together this weekend, I told him that we’ll also join, shall we go then?”

“Yeah sure, why not?”

It was their class get-together for the first time after 4 years of college, so everyone was in high spirits. And obviously, the recently wed couple Arun and Tarini was catching everybody's attention over there. After the fun events and a delighting lunch, they all decided to just sit back and relax. So, they just planned for some interactive session with the newly wed. Kishore, a very good friend of Tarini started questioning both of them. The first question was to Tarini and that was an obvious one.

"Hey Tarini, first tell us how’s your married life going on?"

"Yeah, going on well. Just like how it was before wedding..."

"One thing which is still a surprise to most of us here. Everyone knows what a bad opinion you girls had on Arun during our college days, then how come you landed up marrying him yaar?

It was Arun who spoke first, "Please Taru, don't tell that you agreed coz your dad told so"

Tarini just smiled back and started to reply.

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