Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Love Potion - 2

PART - 2
Previous Part: Part 1

"Tarumaa...Just listen to me! I m not gonna leave you alone and go anywhere"

"What’s this Arun? Your best friend is hosting a bachelor's party and how could you just stay back?"

"But how could I leave you alone at this time of night?"

"That’s not a problem, you just go there, have fun and come back around midnight, I can wait for you, no problem"

"No way, I am not know that I m not gonna booze also, then why should I go there? I know how much you will be worried till I get back"

Tarini just started pushing him towards the door,

"I m not gonna worry about anything, I know you will take care of yourself, I don’t want any of our friends to go around telling, Tarini has banned Arun from partying and having fun with his dear friends"

"Tarumaa...please listen to me daa"

"No, you are going now, right now...or else I m gonna slam down the door on you" she was standing with that pleasant smile on her face, he had no option but to obey his sweet heart's orders.

"Ok…Your wish, will be back very soon, will call you once I reach there, keep the doors latched, take care...ok?"

"Ok, first start"

Tarini switched on the TV after Arun left, but she was not concentrating on the soap which was going on, her mind started floating towards the past.

It was the time when her parents had just started looking out for grooms' profiles for her wedding. One morning, her dad was very happy and in a swinging mood he told her,

"Taru dear, I’ve got hold of a very good match for you, such a respectable family they are…And you know what? The guy is from your college only"

"From my college? Who’s that pa?"

"His name is Arun"

"Arun....hmm, you know which batch?"

"I don’t know all that, his photo was somewhere here only, haan see this, have you seen him in college"

The very first reaction that she gave was a disgusting look to the photo. Taru's dad too noticed her face, "What happened Tarini? Do you know him already?"

"Yeah, I know him, he’s my own class mate and…I really hate him..."

"Hate him? What’s so bad about him that my sweet daughter is finding totally wrong?"

"I can’t list down all those things pa, all the girls in my class hate him and above all he’s a big boozer"

Her dad started laughing, "Tarini! Its all just your girlish perceptions about that fellow, you girls really don’t know what a guy's world is in his teenage, he is 26 now and I am sure he would’ve come out of all those fantasies, given that he is in such a good position now, just boozing and roaming around wouldn't have brought him to such a high position in such an young age, and you are also 25 years old, and you can very well reconsider the opinion you had about him in your teenage"

"No pa, I am not sure..."

"Why don't you just talk to him once Tarini? Then you can decide... I am not forcing you, it’s your life, but give him a fair chance, I’ve already told his parents that you'll talk to their son"

"Ok pa, I’ll just talk to him..."

And for the first time they spoke. Even during her college days, not even once Tarini had ever dared to speak to him.

"Hai Tarini! How are you? Long time, no see"

"Yeah, I am fine, how are you?"

"Good, ok let me ask you straight away, personally I know the opinion you girls had on me, I am not blaming that anyways, I was damn sure that you will turn me down when I learned about this alliance from my dad, but I was quite surprised that you even agreed to speak to me..."

"Actually Arun, my dad just asked me to speak to you"

"Oh I See…All I wanted to know is…Is everything happening with your consent? Or somebody is forcing you do things? Then please do tell me Tarini, I’ll take care that this doesn't proceed any further"

"Nothing like that Arun, no one is forcing me"

"Ok then, I am relieved now, and first of all, thanks Tarini for not turning me down right away, coz I would’ve been answerable to my parents about what I did in college or rather what I did not do in college" and he laughed.

They then spoke about a few general things, and finally Arun said

"I know what thoughts will be going on in your mind now Tarini, everybody knows that I boozed a lot in college days, if that’s the only thing which is bothering you, let me tell you something, I don’t fancy consuming alcohol anymore, I don’t mean that I’ve totally come out of it, but I am just a social drinker now"

"No Arun, that’s not the problem actually..."

"Oh...then what were the other stories going on about me? Tell me, I m very interested to know" and he was all about to laugh

"Actually, it’s your attitude towards girls, we have always felt you’ve got a very bad opinion about girls in general and..."

He started laughing really hard that she just couldn't continue speaking.

"By any chance, did I tell any of you people about my opinion about girls? How come you girls are so clever that you got such a good opinion about me?"

"No Arun...actually..."

"Hey listen, to tell you the truth, I had no special bad opinions about girls so far...but one thing is for sure, I’ve a very good opinion about you, not only me, all our friends and even our professors, I would consider myself extremely lucky if I could have your hands in mine, I don’t know whether I can be a perfect spouse like you, but I can assure that I’ll be a good friend to you through out”

Tarini came to the present with the chimes of door bell, she thought, who s that at this time? It’s only an hour after he left.

It was none other than Arun…

"What’s this Arun? You are back so soon…"

"I just couldn't stay there leaving you alone Tarummaa, so I just greeted him and rushed back"
She could not reply back anything as she was lost in his warm hug.



Anonymous said...

really good is this a real story..?bad thing changed to good....