Friday, February 15, 2008

Gone are the golden days...The SCHOOL DAYS!!!

I wanted to pen down a few of my school memories which never fail to bring a smile on my face anytime.

A great whistling experience

That was the time I started learning to do a simple whistle by blowing. I was in 8th class then. Just like a reflex action, I use to try out whistling all the time not even sparing the class hrs. But all my efforts went in vein for almost a week. On one fine maths class, when everybody was spell bound with maths mam and the board, I managed to blow out a perfect whistle. Maths mam just stopped, stared at my row and , "Who’s that? Who whistled now?” And I was there, sitting totally dumbstruck, trying to hide my reactions which failed very drastically and there was this girl, my bench mate sangeetha, who always had such a reaction in her face :-) so she started suspecting both of us,” I know its one of you, now tell me, who is that?" thank god, both of us blinked the same way. And I don’t remember how maths mam let us free. But finally after the class, all my class mates started laughing at me telling that it was really a treat to watch me blink.

A bossy class leader

I never knew I was kind of bossy then. Now when I look back, I laugh at a few things I did. There were a gang of guys in my class who just lived their life king size even in 10th class. I use to really get irritated the way they treat staff, exams and books :-) One class, we got our evaluated exam papers. I remember it was a tough paper, so the vanara padai got annoyed to see their own marks and just tore the papers and started making rockets out of it. For a stupid nerd like me, it was a "SIN", come on...after all its exam papers, how can they do such things. So i headed straight to the Headmistress's room, and did the neat ettappan job. I was actually very pleased to do that too. I really can't control laughing at myself whenever I think of this.

One more incident in 10th class - A personal Timetable

If you are wondering what a personal time table is all about, its just a plan to study for the exams neatly drawn by self. Most of my class mates use to have such timetables and no one wanted to share it with anyone (coz their secret plans will be out naa?) There was one guy who was really keen to know others' marks or timetables rather than his. And we girls were a strict 'no no' to let out those secrets esp. to our direct competents. Now I am really wondering why all this stupidity!!! Anyways it was really biggest of all issues then :-)

One afternoon, when we were on a study period, this guy with XL sized nose came and sat in front of me. My friend who was sitting in the opposite row of mine, called me for a clarification, when I went to her place, this XL switched his place too to the opposite rows. After clarifying my friend's doubt, I took back my old position, and XL too took back his old position. My friend just happened to notice this whole drama. Just to clarify her suspicion, she asked me to take the place near her. And again mr.XL switched to face me or rather my book :-) My nerd blood started boiling when i heard the whole story from my friend. With all this game of Kho-Kho the study hour was already over.

After the class, I went marching to his place like Jansi Ki Rani and asked him, “Why did u do this? What do u want?" Before he replied, his friends started denying the whole thing and we were having fundoo time yelling at each other. Amidst all this mr. XL stayed unusually calm. Finally he just asked me one simple question, "where is your place?” I was totally perplexed and just pointed towards my seat in the class. He said as cool as he can,” Then just go there and sit". I was like "what"??? Che, what a bulb!!! One of the finest bulb I’ve received so far. I can’t forgive myself even now for being so stupid, just pointing out my place the moment he asked.

P.S1: Then mr.XL started mimicking as if he was really afraid whenever he saw me outside class for quite some time and I struggled really hard not to laugh in front of him.

P.S2: I had no clue where or what he is till last year. Just happened to find him through the school community and we had a really nice time scrapping about all those fun at school.


Smriti said...

Inni varikkum nee oru thodarkadhai dhan Div :D

Unknown said...

u r were too stupid in ur childhood!!! nyways u continue to be the same now also... hahahaha

Divyapriya said...

Thanks Sau...genius are always modest who can accept truth.

Unknown said...

so u r saying because u r genius u are accepting the truth and that leads u to being a stupid?? donot u find any contradiction divya??

Shiva.G said...

As Vadivel says .. " Deiiii ... Avanaaa neeei..." the only dialog that come to mind.. chg d gender :D

Anonymous said...

8th std la yeah whisile ah pramatham athuvum maths mam pinadi superappu :-) Ipo eppadi office layum team lead or manager pinadi whisile adikureengala?....

Pranav said...

As shiva said... One more vadivelu dialogue...

"Ennathithu chinna pulla thanama illa irukku...."